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College Access Program
Olney Charter High School is lucky to be home to Philadelphia Education Fund's College Access program, which helps assure students understand the value of pursuing college and can gain exposure to the experiences and opportunities that become open after graduation.
Since 2010, Olney Charter High School has been the site of one of the Philadelphia Education Fund's five College Access Programs (CAP). The College Access Program promotes awareness of the value and benefits of a college education and provides readiness services to Olney students in all grades.
The Philadelphia Education Fund (Ed Fund) is committed to supporting students with their transition to post-secondary education and has been a leader in Philadelphia in this space since 1990. To date, the Ed Fund operates three programs that provide direct support to students in the college access and success arena. The Ed Fund's College Access Program serves 1,270 students from five public high schools / public charter high schools in the city. The CAP staff deliver expert guidance and assistance on various college access and success topics such as college admissions, college fit, financial id, college readiness, successful transition to college, scholarships and more. 
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In addition to PEF's College Access program, Olney Charter students have access to services via the ASPIRA organization and its network A support network comprised of in-school staff and ASPIRA resources means that OCHS students access to the following :
  • TRIO Educational Talent Search
  • Student Excellence Center
  • SAT Tutoring
  • Internship Support