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Transportation Info

Transpasses are distributed by the Behavior Specialist on Fridays and Mondays during lunch or after school. If a student does not come to school on Friday or Monday, he/she must meet with his/her Behavior  Specialist on the day he/she returns to school to provide the documentation for the absence in order to get the transpass issued. Unless prior approval is provided, t his meeting must take place during the student s scheduled lunch period.
Students must meet the following criteria for eligibility:
  • Reside in the City of Philadelphia
  • Live more than one and a half mile s from his/her school and  participate  in  the  voluntary  School Desegregation  Program  of  the  School  District  of Philadelphia
Or Meet these requirements to get bused to school:
  • Possess an exceptionality or severity of the physical disability
  • Be designated by the Division of Special Education as a student in a Special Education class who requires transport to and from school